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Stolen truck causes several accidents, south east of Los Angeles

Trucks are common in Los Angeles, California. The massive vehicles transport produce and other goods to and from the city and the neighboring areas and are a great help to the community. Nevertheless, their substantial size makes them prone to truck accidents, especially with drivers who are ill-equipped.

In Temecula, 86 miles southeast of Los Angeles, a stolen big-rig truck caused several collisions and numerous injuries to people before it overturned. The California Highway Patrol reported that a man stowed way in the vehicle and then hijacked the truck when the driver got out to use the roadside scales. The stowaway then drove the truck, causing several crashes that resulted in injuries to seven people. The CHP report stated that the man believed that he was being chased by zombies. He is now facing a possible five-year prison sentence for theft and hit-and-run causing death or injury.

Car accident turns fatal in southeast Los Angeles

Many people consider their driving skills second nature. But no matter how honed those driving skills are, intoxication can severely impede a person's physical response and decision-making ability. This can be costly when driving in a traffic-dense city like Los Angeles.

In Mission Viejo, 48 miles southeast of Los Angeles, a car accident took the life of a 36-year-old mother after a head-on collision with a suspected drunk driver. A police report stated that a 42-year-old male driving a pickup truck was attempting to move into the southbound lane. However, the pickup truck moved to the northbound lane instead, colliding with the oncoming van of the woman.

Driver in fatal accident pleads guilty in Los Angeles

A fatality resulting from the negligence of another is a serious concern to everyone. A person exercising proper care while driving contributes to the safety and well-being of other drivers and pedestrians on the road. But not all drivers are as careful as they should be. There are instances when negligent driving kills somebody, leaving families behind dealing with severe emotional pain and suffering, as well as financial and physical losses. When this happens, a family can consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

In Los Angeles, a 29-year-old woman is facing a 19-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to a felony resulting from a fatal car crash. She pled guilty to the manslaughter of a 13-year-old boy and admitted criminal responsibility for the serious injuries of his 40-year-old mother and his 10-year-old brother. The woman admitted that she was intoxicated during the accident; she also fled the scene of the accident.

Alleged drunk driver kills a man in pedestrian accident

Road safety is a major concern of both drivers and pedestrians. Every state has rules and regulations both to control the orderly flow of traffic and to ensure the safety of those who use California's roads. Rules attempt to keep control over the negligent behavior of drivers like those who drive under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. Sadly, many drivers do not actually think about following these rules until after a tragic car accident or pedestrian accident occurs.

A man from Pasadena was struck and killed by a car as he was walking across a major highway. A suspected drunk driver struck the pedestrian, believed to be approximately 65 years old. To his credit, the driver stopped at the scene and called 911.

California mall faces negligent security charges

Safety is a priority for parents when their family members or children go to public places. They need them to be safe and the understanding that that their children are safe is one reason why parents let their children go to malls without them.

There are many malls in Los Angeles and children like to go there to buy things and to spend time with their friends. In Redondo Beach, few minutes from Los Angeles, California, a family is suing a mall and its security company for negligent security.

Recent ATA study findings are being challenged

According to a recent American Trucking Associations study, smaller vehicles are more often responsible in road accidents that involve a car and a truck. Many of these accidents occur in the Los Angeles area. The ATA found that trucks account for only 27 percent of the accidents while passenger vehicles are responsible for 81 percent. The study noted that the percentages added up to more than 100 because 10 percent of crashes were believed to be the fault of both trucks and cars. While it may be true that there are fewer truck accidents than accidents involving smaller vehicles, a support and advocacy group is criticizing the study, claiming that there is no clear statistical basis for the report.

In a recent letter addressed to the President and CEO of the ATA, a Virginia-based truck safety advocacy and lobby group, is claiming that the recent study was a vicious attack on truck accident victims and blames passenger vehicle drivers for the majority of truck-car accidents. The TSC accuses the ATA of rehashing old stories to blame passenger vehicle drivers.

Southern California helicopter crash kills three people

Reality shows are extremely popular forms of entertainment. In their desire to present a more exciting program, producers often underestimate the hazards of filming a show. Sometimes those hazards can lead to a wrongful death.

For example, three people were killed recently in a helicopter crash on a private ranch used for television productions less than one hour driving time northeast of Los Angeles. The crash happened when a crew was filming a military-themed reality program for a major cable network.

Ice can cause accidents on Southern California roads

Winter driving conditions are not the safest. The cold season brings snow, ice and frigid winds that can cause mechanical problems in vehicles, lead to poor driving conditions and cause slippery roads. The result can be chaos for motorists who are at risk of getting into fatal car accidents.

The recent cold snap and overnight snow storm in Los Angeles County and most of Southern California brought danger to drivers. Snowfall, ice and freezing temperatures created the worst and most treacherous road conditions, which forced closures of most major routes.

Brawling twins killed in probable hit-and-run accident

There are plenty of unexpected and sometimes bizarre news stories coming out of Los Angeles each day. Between Hollywood divorce dramas and other news stories is a fatal pedestrian accident that is slowly gaining the attention and sympathies of local residents.

Recently, twin sisters were struck by a pickup truck as they fought in Leimert Park. Police reported that the twins were involved in an altercation that started inside their home but later spilled out into the streets.

Touch-free Smartphone apps may reduce car accidents

The state of California recently implemented a ban on talking and texting while driving. The ban resulted in a 22 percent decrease in road deaths over the course of two years following its implementation. Drivers in Los Angeles, California know that driving while distracted increases the chance of having a car accident.

Cell phone technology is rapidly evolving and affects the lives of consumers. Smartphones are now the preferred phones of Southern California residents.

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