The state of California recently implemented a ban on talking and texting while driving. The ban resulted in a 22 percent decrease in road deaths over the course of two years following its implementation. Drivers in Los Angeles, California know that driving while distracted increases the chance of having a car accident.

Cell phone technology is rapidly evolving and affects the lives of consumers. Smartphones are now the preferred phones of Southern California residents.

Although some drivers are aware that using a phone while on the road makes them a negligent driver and is highly dangerous, they cannot help using applications on their phones while driving. Some companies are drafting plans regarding in-car Smartphone-syncing dashboards, an effort that could result in fewer car collisions in the future.

New data provided by McKinsey reports that 35 percent of 4,000 Smartphone users surveyed admit to using their gadgets while driving. Thirty-nine percent of people surveyed said they use their phones for SMS, 68 percent for navigation and 89 percent for calling while driving. Most of the surveyed drivers agreed that in-car access to data is essential and they are willing to make modifications to their cars and install an in-car app simply for the convenience of it and also as an effort to reduce the chances of causing an auto accident.

In-car apps may work inside an individual car through a dashboard installed inside. An in-car app could be used to increase road safety and to reduce the number of distracted drivers using phones while behind the wheel, as well as others on the road with them. Car manufacturers are constantly looking for new ideas from developers for in-car applications in the hope of reducing the number of distracted drivers on the road and reducing car collisions.

Victims of auto accidents in Los Angeles, California, may need compensation for medical treatment. In the event of a fatality, the immediate family members of the deceased may be able to seek compensation for funeral expenses and other losses.

Source:, "Can you drive safely while using an app" Kate Freeman, Jan. 15, 2013