Road safety is a major concern of both drivers and pedestrians. Every state has rules and regulations both to control the orderly flow of traffic and to ensure the safety of those who use California's roads. Rules attempt to keep control over the negligent behavior of drivers like those who drive under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. Sadly, many drivers do not actually think about following these rules until after a tragic car accident or pedestrian accident occurs.

A man from Pasadena was struck and killed by a car as he was walking across a major highway. A suspected drunk driver struck the pedestrian, believed to be approximately 65 years old. To his credit, the driver stopped at the scene and called 911.

A California Highway Patrol official confirmed that the driver did not see the man and initially thought he had hit an animal. The police also stated that alcohol is considered a contributing factor in the accident. Police have arrested the driver who struck the pedestrian. The accident is still under investigation.

Despite many public awareness campaigns warning against the dangers of drinking and driving, pedestrian accidents involving drunk drivers are unfortunately still too common in the Los Angeles area.

A driver who drinks and drives does not have regard for his or her safety or for the safety of other people on the road. While damage to property may be easily resolved, accidents involving humans result in severe and long-term physical and emotional damage.

Physical damage may lead to expensive, long-term medical conditions. Consequently, the physical damage may also limit the level of physical activity of the victim. On the emotional side, fatal accidents bring grief, frustration and worries to the victims' families. While a lawsuit might not restore an injured pedestrian's health or bring him back from the grave, it can at least begin the healing process.

Source: SCV News, "Suspected drunk driver kills man walking across freeway," Perry Smith, Mar. 3, 2013