Safety is a priority for parents when their family members or children go to public places. They need them to be safe and the understanding that that their children are safe is one reason why parents let their children go to malls without them.

There are many malls in Los Angeles and children like to go there to buy things and to spend time with their friends. In Redondo Beach, few minutes from Los Angeles, California, a family is suing a mall and its security company for negligent security.

The family of a teenager, who was stabbed several times at the mall, is suing the negligent property owner of the mall for having inadequate security, such as surveillance cameras that could have helped identify the assailant. The mall was also charged with falsely advertising that it has industry-leading security. The report states that 128 crimes in the vicinity of the mall had been reported for up to 90 days before the date of the stabbing.

The victims were two teenagers, a boy and a girl. Police stated that the victims, who suffered serious injuries, were chosen randomly. The boy was in the intensive care unit for two weeks after being stabbed six times: in the heart, chest, lung and arm.

A person's failure to establish standard procedures to avoid accidents or injuries while other people are on their premises makes it a case of premises liability.

A compensation claim against injury is possible in cases where an owner did not practice reasonable care to make the property's premises accident-proof. A legal professional can help to file claims against the negligent owner. The compensation can help recover costs like medical expenses and other costs related to the accident.

Source:, "Family of Teen Stabbed in Attack Sues Galleria Mall," Jason Kandel and Angie Crouch, Feb. 25, 2013