Winter driving conditions are not the safest. The cold season brings snow, ice and frigid winds that can cause mechanical problems in vehicles, lead to poor driving conditions and cause slippery roads. The result can be chaos for motorists who are at risk of getting into fatal car accidents.

The recent cold snap and overnight snow storm in Los Angeles County and most of Southern California brought danger to drivers. Snowfall, ice and freezing temperatures created the worst and most treacherous road conditions, which forced closures of most major routes.

Many drivers experienced slippery accidents. Those who didn't want to risk getting into accidents waited until the city plows could clear the snow and ice and salt the roads. Some were trapped inside their vehicles.

Some of the road closures included the Grapevine section of Interstate 5, some parts of Interstate 15 and Highways 2, 58 and 138.

The California Highway Patrol also reported three separate accidents, although no one was reportedly hurt in the chain reaction of accidents that occurred. In such conditions, driving slowly and not slamming on the brakes is essential to a person's survival.

When driving in such extreme conditions, it is advisable to drive cautiously. Often, snow storms can create a zero visibility situation referred to as a "white out."

The CHP wants drivers to drive safely. This will lessen risks of accidents that can result in damages to vehicles and serious injuries to drivers. Drivers are also encouraged to always prepare for the worst by installing snow tires and chains and by having emergency equipment and supplies in the car.

Victims of a car accident should get advice from a trusted South California legal professional. Financial compensation may be awarded to victims of negligence, if negligence can be proved, which causes terrible pain and suffering, loss of wages and other medical expenses.

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