According to a recent American Trucking Associations study, smaller vehicles are more often responsible in road accidents that involve a car and a truck. Many of these accidents occur in the Los Angeles area. The ATA found that trucks account for only 27 percent of the accidents while passenger vehicles are responsible for 81 percent. The study noted that the percentages added up to more than 100 because 10 percent of crashes were believed to be the fault of both trucks and cars. While it may be true that there are fewer truck accidents than accidents involving smaller vehicles, a support and advocacy group is criticizing the study, claiming that there is no clear statistical basis for the report.

In a recent letter addressed to the President and CEO of the ATA, a Virginia-based truck safety advocacy and lobby group, is claiming that the recent study was a vicious attack on truck accident victims and blames passenger vehicle drivers for the majority of truck-car accidents. The TSC accuses the ATA of rehashing old stories to blame passenger vehicle drivers.

The group also added that there is no clear scientific basis for such allegations and that no data are available to provide credibility to the report. The battle of who is to blame in truck-car accidents has been an issue for the last few years.

Los Angeles isn't only a sports and entertainment capital. The city is a major trade route and a commercial center that supplies some of the country's richest demographics. It has its own sea port and a high-traffic international airport. Los Angeles is a popular route for both commercial trucks and passenger vehicles who share its busy roads. This often leads to serious accidents.

Whether trucks or cars are more responsible for the accidents on the roads, truckers still need to drive cautiously and need to strictly adhere to state and federal trucking regulations. Many cases of truck-related accidents are due to negligence, which can cause serious injuries to victims.

Victims of truck accidents should seek advice from a legal professional. A legal professional will help the accident victim to demand claims for injuries that are sustained by the victim. The compensation that the accident victim receives will help to ease the accident-related financial burden that will occur as a result of the accident.

Source:, "Truck Safety Coalition attacks ATA truck-car crash data," Feb. 27, 2013