Reality shows are extremely popular forms of entertainment. In their desire to present a more exciting program, producers often underestimate the hazards of filming a show. Sometimes those hazards can lead to a wrongful death.

For example, three people were killed recently in a helicopter crash on a private ranch used for television productions less than one hour driving time northeast of Los Angeles. The crash happened when a crew was filming a military-themed reality program for a major cable network.

Among the dead was the pilot, who had his pilot privileges suspended twice by the Federal Aviation Administration -- once in 2002, for flying an aircraft into a power line and again in 2007 for not staying in two-way radio communication during his flight. Both incidents occurred during the filming of TV programs. He was cleared of any wrongdoing in a third crash in 2004.

The identities of the other two casualties were not disclosed.

The fatal accident has again raised debate in the film and TV industry about safety regulations in reality shows. Beyond this, the accident has caused pain and suffering for relatives left behind.

Families find themselves not only grieving the loss of loved ones, but also facing financial troubles because of their losses, which may be due to someone else's negligence.

Surviving spouses and relatives can seek the assistance of a legal professional if they wish to pursue wrongful death cases. If any negligence led to the loss of life, then a legal professional can take appropriate actions against parties, such as the helicopter rental company or the company producing the reality show.

The pain of losing a loved one will never go completely away, but sound legal advice can help find compensation that could keep victims' families from suffering the pain of financial hardship.

Source: UPI, "Pilot cited by FAA before fatal accident," Feb. 19, 2013