Trucks are common in Los Angeles, California. The massive vehicles transport produce and other goods to and from the city and the neighboring areas and are a great help to the community. Nevertheless, their substantial size makes them prone to truck accidents, especially with drivers who are ill-equipped.

In Temecula, 86 miles southeast of Los Angeles, a stolen big-rig truck caused several collisions and numerous injuries to people before it overturned. The California Highway Patrol reported that a man stowed way in the vehicle and then hijacked the truck when the driver got out to use the roadside scales. The stowaway then drove the truck, causing several crashes that resulted in injuries to seven people. The CHP report stated that the man believed that he was being chased by zombies. He is now facing a possible five-year prison sentence for theft and hit-and-run causing death or injury.

While the police report-with the absurd angle of this case-may be isolated, truck accidents caused by negligence are common in California. What victims may not know is that negligent drivers are not the only one's liable when accidents occur. A truck company can also be liable when they employ unqualified truck drivers. Companies are legally bound to use drivers who are qualified and should undergo training for road safety protocols before they ever get on the road.

A victim of a truck accident may suffer serious injuries and debilitation because of the impact from the truck. Broken bones, brain and spinal cord injuries are all common injuries as a result of a truck accident. Often, victims are unable to work because of their injuries and they may need long-term care. Fortunately, when negligence is a factor in an accident, the victim may file a lawsuit that can enable the person to receive compensation for injuries.

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